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Photos from the garden island of Kauai, Hawaii


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Kauai Hawaii Pictures - Feb 2004.

The Kauai Hawaii pictures gallery includes photos of different parts of the island including Kalalau State Park (remote beach & valley), Waimea Canyon, Kokee State Park and other locations on the beautiful island.  Several aerial photos of the Na Pali coast are also included.

Read the story from a Feb 2001 trip hiking the Kalalau Trail

A screensaver is available for download that includes all of the photos below. 

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kalalau trail dvd cover hawaii pictures

 Na Pali Coast (Kalalau) DVD available .  The video runs about 30 minutes and includes footage from Ke'e, along the Kalalau trail, Hanakapi'ai Falls, (a still photo of Hanakoa Falls), Kalalau beach and the valley.  It's well suited for Kalalau visitors who want a keepsake or for those of you thinking about a trip.  Quality is similar to the Supai DVD (read my comments about quality, see what customers say).kalalau trail dvd

 Customer Reviews of the Kalalau DVD

[DVD no longer available for sale]


kalalau trail kauai hawaii pictures

Feb '04 - unofficial camping at mile 8.

digital photo enlargements  

The Ultimate Kauai Guidebook is awesome.


Prints of the photographs are available for purchase.

Example sizes and prices

8x12 matted to 12x16 (inches):  $39.00

10x15 matted to 16x20:  $49.00

20x30 print only (4x the image area of the 10x15) for $149

Panoramic Prints:


6x18 matted to 10x22 for $49.00

12x36 print only (4x the image area of the 6x18) for $149.00

Custom sizes available.

Please call to order (913.707.7515) or contact us to inquire about other sizes.

Prints can be converted to black and white or cropped to suit your needs.

Photos copyright 2001-2004 K. Venator.  All rights reserved.  Unauthorized use prohibited by law.


Click thumbnail images to view larger pictures

Hawaiian Monk Seal - kauai hawaii pictures

1. Hawaiian Monk Seal

Larsen's Beach

kauai hawaii pictures - hanakapi-ai

2. Hanakapi'ai Falls

hawaii photos - salt pond beach

3. Salt Pond Beach



kekeha beach - kauai, hawaii

4. Kekaha Beach


kalalau trail - kauai

5. Kalalau Trail

kalalau beach - kauai, hawaii

6. Kalalau Beach


7. Kalalau (2011)


kilauea lighthouse

8. Kilauea Lighthouse

awa-awapuhi kauai hawaii photos

9. Awa-'awapuhi Valley

polihale beach kauai hawaii

10. Polihale



kalalau pictures

11. Kalalau

cardinal picture

12. Cardinals

13. archived

na pali coast aerial photos

14. Na Pali Coast



wild chickens

15. Wild Chickens - Ke'e


16. Kalalau

kalalau beach

17. Kalalau as seen from Red Hill

hawaiian monk seal - larsen's beach

18. Hawaiian Monk Seal - Larsen's Beach

kalalau beach

19. Kalalau


opaeka'a falls - kauai pictures

20. Opaeka'a

kekaha beach kauai hawaii pictures

21. Kekaha


waimea canyon

22. Waimea Canyon



23. Polihale

na pali coast aerial photos

24. Na Pali Coast

& Kalalau

wailua falls

25. Wailua Falls

aka Fantasy Island Falls

wild chickens

26. Wild Chickens - Ke'e

kalalau beach kauai pictures

27. Kalalau


kalalau lookout kauai

28. Kalalau Lookout

kekaha beach surfers

29. Kekaha

Polihale beach sunset

30. Polihale

ke'e kauai hawaii photos

31. Ke'e

salt pond beach sunset

32. Salt Pond Beach

hanalei lookout

33. Hanalei


34. Ke'e

kauai - kalalau from red hill

35. Kalalau Valley as seen from Red Hill

na pali coast aerial photos

36. Na Pali Coast

















Photos copyright 2004 K. Venator.  All rights reserved.  Unauthorized use prohibited by law.


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