Kauai, Hawaii

New Kauai, Hawaii screensaver now available.  Other screen savers include the Tropical Islands - St John, US Virgin Islands screensaver the BeautiFall (waterfall) and Pacific Northwest Screensavers featuring Oregon and Washington including Mt Rainier, lighthouses and numerous waterfalls.


Kauai, Hawaii Screensaver

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Hawaii: The Hiking the Na Pali Coast Hawaii screensaver includes pictures from hiking the Kalalau Trail along the northern coast of Kauai, Hawaii.  Photos include the beautiful Kalalau Beach as well as the rugged Na Pali coastline.  It's a free screensaver and would be particularly nice for someone who might be planning a trip to the island or wants photos to remind them of their own visit.  See pictures and read more about hiking the Kalalau Trail.   (ZDnet.com's #1 screensaver download for 2 weeks in April). 


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 Hawaii: The Kauai, Hawaii screensaver features 36 photographs from the beautiful garden island.  This screensaver includes additional photographs from the Na Pali coast including some aerial photography.  See the pictures.

Waterfalls:  The Supai waterfall screensaver features images of the areas beautiful waterfalls including Havasu Falls, Mooney Falls, Navajo Falls and Beaver Falls.  Visit the Supai Gallery to preview all 24 pictures.  Learn more about Supai, Arizona.  Version 2 has just been released and includes all of the original pictures plus 9 new photographs, 4 new video clips and 3 new audio tracks.

Sunwapta Falls

Jasper National Park

Alberta, Canada

Rocky Mountain High

Screensaver (part 2)


More Waterfalls:  The "BeautiFall!" - Soothing Waterfall screensaver features 40 pictures of waterfalls accompanied by the sound of a small waterfall.  Waterfalls include the popular Multnoma Falls outside Portland along with a number of other beautiful falls.  See the preview. Gallery

Flowers:  The Virtual Bouquet flower screensaver features 44 photographs of domestic and wild flowers including several varieties of roses (red, yellow, pink, apricot, etc.), orchids, blooming cactus,  and more.  See the screensaver preview shot. See all of the photos.

Oregon & Washington: Enjoy the beauty of the Pacific Northwest with with this screen saver.  Features 42 pictures of lighthouses, mountains, beaches, sunsets, waterfalls and other scenes from Oregon and Washington. The screen saver includes 8 Oregon lighthouse photos (Cape Arago, Cape Meares, Heceta Head, etc), 12 waterfall photos, plus pictures of Mt Rainier (wow!), Mt Olympus, Olympic National Park and a couple of beautiful sunsets along the Oregon coast.  See the screensaver preview shot.  See all of the photos.

Tropical Islands: Enjoy the tranquility of beautiful St John, USVI.  The screensaver features 32 photographs from various areas of the island.  More than half of the island is national park with snorkeling, beaches and hiking.  See the screensaver preview shot.   See all of the pictures.  The other island screensaver currently available features hiking along the Na Pali Coast of Kauai, Hawaii (see above). 

Rocky Mountains:  The Rocky Mountain High Screensavers feature 50+ photographs taken during a 6 week journey up the Rockies from Durango, Colorado to Jasper National Park in Alberta, Canada.  See screensaver photos

National Parks of Texas & New Mexico:  The TexMex screen saver features photographs from National Parks and Monuments of Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and Colorado.  Featured areas include Big Bend National Park, Guadalupe Mountains National Park, Carlsbad Caverns National Park, Great Sand Dunes National Monument, Canyon de Chelle National Monument and Petrified Forest National Park. Other areas include New Mexico's Gila Wilderness and Caballo Lake State Park.  Photos feature scenes from nature including landscapes, cave formations, desert flowers, cliff dwellings, blooming cacti and a butterfly.  See the screensaver preview shot. Visit the TexMex photo gallery to preview all 39 pictures.   (this screensaver was the featured download on MSN).

National Parks of Utah & Arizona:  The Canyon Country Screensaver features photos from the National Parks of Utah and Arizona including Zion, Bryce Canyon, Canyonlands and Arches.  The screensaver also includes pictures of slot canyons (Escalante & Antelope Canyon) as well as Supai's breathtaking waterfalls.  Visit the Canyon Country Gallery to preview all 47 photos.

 Kansas City:  The Kansas City screensaver can be found here.   Please note:  This screensaver is excluded from the buy 1 get the rest free offer.

Want to know more about the pictures or the photographer? visit the Info page

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 Kauai, Hawaii




Kauai, Hawaii

36 pictures.   Gallery

 Rocky Mountain High - Part 1




Rocky Mountain High - Part 1

Colorado and Wyoming

29 pictures.   The saver includes 2 audio tracks.   Gallery

Rocky Mountain High - Part 2


Rocky Mountain High - Part 2

Montana and Alberta (Canada)

24 pictures.  The saver includes 2 audio tracks.    Gallery

St John screensaver preview

 Tropical Islands - St John, USVI 


The Tropical Islands - St John screen saver contains 32 pictures from the beautiful island.  Preview   Gallery
waterfalls picture




(with music)


The BeautiFall - Soothing Waterfalls screen saver contains 40 pictures along with the sound of a small fall. Preview Gallery 

Pacific Northwest


The Pacific Northwest screen saver contains 42 pictures .   Preview Gallery
delicate arch

Canyon Country



(w/ music)


The Canyon Country screen saver contains 47 pictures.   Gallery 






The Supai Screensaver contains 24 pictures.  Gallery

Version 2 includes the original 24 photos, 9 new pictures, 3 audio tracks and 4 video clips.

* please note that the photos and video were taken before the flood of 2008.

Texas screensaver




The TexMex screensaver features 39 photos.  Preview  Gallery  

(featured on MSN)

rose flower

Virtual Bouquet


The Virtual Bouquet flower screensaver includes 44 vivid photographs .  Preview   Gallery
hawaii sunset beach

Hiking Na Pali


The Na Pali screensaver contains 28 pictures. 

Read the story about the hike

(ZDNet.com's number 1 screensaver download for 2 weeks in April)

 Enjoy your new screensavers!


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