World Trade Center Picture

New York City, NY 1998

Picture of the Manhattan skyline with the twin towers of the World Trade Center


This photograph was taken near sunset in the fall of 1998 from the Liberty Island Ferry.

World Trade Center twin towers - picture taken fall 1998 - pictures

WTC Photo enlarged from 35mm negative.

8x12 & 4x6 photos appear as shown without the text or lines.  Vertical lines indicate the edges of the 8x10. 


The picture above was one of several photographs that I took back in the fall of 1998.  I was on a business trip in the city and stayed an extra night so I could visit the top of the Statue of Liberty.  I purchased a ticket on the Liberty Island Ferry and was amazed by the view of the city.  Of the pictures that I took, this one is my favorite because the sun was setting behind me warming the colors of the buildings.  - Kevin


Note:  prints are signed K. Venator in the bottom right corner. does not appear on the printed photographs.


The images below are scans of the Port Authority of NY & NJ World Trade Center visitor brochure from a previous family trip.  They are provided in good faith for your information.  I'm not sure of the publication date but it's probably around mid to late 80's.




  World Trade Center Pictures

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