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Kansas City Pictures 2

including photos from the Country Club Plaza

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Kansas City Pictures - Gallery 2  (Gallery 1, Gallery 3)

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Photos copyright 2001-2010 K. Venator.  All rights reserved.  Unauthorized use prohibited by law.


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51. Chiefs Tailgating

(digitally merged composition)

52. Chiefs win!

(digitally merged composition)

53. American Royal

54. JC Nichols

Photo 8 cropped and converted to B&W


Photo 10 cropped and converted to B&W (3:2 ratio)

56.  Photo #50 cropped

57.  Plaza Lights

58.  Downtown KC as seen from atop the Liberty Memorial

59. Crown Center

60.  Plaza Lights Panoramic


(Digitally Merged Composition)

61.  Plaza Lights Tower & Lamp


62.  Plaza Lights

62b.  wide angle view


63. Union Station and Block Fountain

64. Photo #20 converted to black and white

65.  KC Scout and skyline


66.  Downtown KC

March 31, 2004

67.  "Downtown"

March 31, 2004

68. Skyline

March 31, 2004

69.  KCPL Building

70. KCPL Building 


71. Old President Hotel

March 31, 2004

72.  Old President Hotel

March 31, 2004

73.  KCPL Building

March 31, 2004

74. KCPL Building

March 31, 2004

75.  Skyline

March 31, 2004

76.  Skyscrapers


77. Near Barney Allis Plaza

78.  Liberty Memorial


79.  Bartle Hall


80.  Plaza Tower

81.  Plaza Springtime

82. Pamona Ftn

83.  Plaza Springtime

84.  Churchill

85. Plaza flowers


86.Brush Creek

87. Brush Creek

88.  Pamona Fountain

89.  American Century Towers

90.  American Century Towers

91.  Loose Park Fountain


92.  Loose Park

93.  KCPT Tower and clouds

94.  Utilicorp Eagle

95.  Loose Park

96.  1 KC place

97.  Skystations Daytime

98. Overland Park Fireworks on the 4th

99. Downtown after sunset

100. Clip art of the JC Nichols Fountain

Note:  I'll be creating a new page for graphics and clip art like this.



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Photos copyright 2001-2010 K. Venator.  All rights reserved.



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