Olympus TCON-17 - TCON-1.7x teleconverter sample photos.  May also be called TCON17, TCON1.7x.


Check for item # 200862


can be purchased at Adorama for ($99.95 as of June 23, '03)



Olympus c-5050z users require the cla-1 adapter tube and a 43-55mm step up ring.  User can then mount the teleconverter or 55mm filters to the ring.  Users can keep these in place all the time along with a 55mm UV filter to protect the lens.


The TCON-17 is not threaded for filters.




Sample images


Without teleconverter




Without (click thumbnail for larger image)


With (click thumbnail for larger image)



Sample crops from top 2 images



Without - image stretched to be same size


Without - image interpolated - resampled to same size


Vignetting - at wide angle, half-zoom and full zoom.